Project Description
This project was built for Rafael and Janet Calvo, the owners of Altadena-based Intoolovation, Inc., as an e-commerce site for selling their inventions. The Calvos are glass contractors by trade, and while on the job, they encounter situations that inspire ideas to improve the tools they use to do their jobs on a daily basis. The Calvos turned these ideas into reality, and this innovation with tools made them more successful at their jobs. So, they founded Intoolovation to sell their inventions to the public, such as a screw-on plastic bottle funnel and an ergonomic one-handed caulking gun.

This site allows users to purchase Intoolovation products with a clean, simple user interface.

  •       - Fast, secure transactions for users
  •       - Powerful control panel for administrative use
  •       - Google Analytics and Search tools
  •       - Custom domain email addresses

      This website implements the Shopify e-commerce platform and uses HTML, CSS, and Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify and written in Ruby.


Intoolovation.com is live and fully functional. Ravi Riley and the Calvos are developing and prototyping new inventions that will soon be added to Intoolovation's product line. Ravi will continue to maintain the site and add new products to it as these work-in-progress inventions reach production.