Project Description

To develop specific features of a virtual reality game including a user-interface with voice control, three-dimensional landscapes, interactable objects, and a realistic physics engine. The end goal is to develop a battle-arena style game in which people from around the world can play each other in real time.

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We traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, the location of ZPX-Interactive Software during the summer of 2018 as interns learning about the software engineering industry. While interning, we were given mini-lessons to optimize our code and add new features to the game using Unity (scripting in C#) and Unreal Engine (coding with blueprints and C++). We also learned how the company collaborates on each project through project management tools such as Jira and code-sharing platforms like Gitlab and GitExtensions. We continue to use these platforms to work on our project remotely.

We plan to return to Portugal this summer (2019) and continue working with virtual reality. This time, our project will involve using camera footage from a drone so the user can travel around various parts of a city. We will also be using object recognition software developed by PDMFC (an IT company also based in Lisbon, Portugal) to detect potential risks while the drone is flying. The objective is for the drone to operate completely autonomously using elements of machine learning.